After the ceremony at Ulpha Church, Hayley and Tim’s guests were directed to Belmount Hall by Herdwick Sheep! Maybe not everybody spotted all the sheep signs, but once at Belmount nobody could have been under any illusion about Hayley’s sheep farming background. Herdwick throws on the hay bales formed seating on the front lawn, while the Milnthorpe Steel Band created a Jamaican atmosphere. The table plan was sheep-shape, the table names were mostly named after types of sheep, and the place names were charmingly written by Hayley’s school pupils.  The evening ended with Tim and Hayley walking back along the road from a small post wedding party in Outgate. Somebody driving along the road at 3.00am said that they had seen a ghostly apparition on the road – Hayley in her wedding dress.

Hayley’s father Jeremy, kindly commented as follows:-
We thoroughly enjoyed the wedding experience at Belmount and I cannot thank you Gillie and the Staff enough for your kind attention. I really think that the wedding was ours and not an institutional production line event . 

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