Three wonderful weddings in December…. .

On 8th December, we welcomed Tim Scott and Anna Maria Trofaer, who decided to bring forward their wedding planned for summer 2013. Anna Maria’s family is from Austria, whereas Tim’s family is from the Lake District. It added an exotic touch to welcome so many from ‘the Continent’ – Anna’s Italian godfather, Enzo, who gave her away, and Anna’s relations, Gundi, Constanza and Niki, Marie-Louise and Julian, and their family friend Lady Colin Campbell.

On 15th December, we welcomed Alaina and Anthony, who have just moved to Broughton-in-Furness, and their lovely family and guests. Alaina gets an award for brilliant wedding organisation, and hosting. Very clear in her purpose, Alaina needed tea at 7.00am on her wedding day, whilst she was sorting out final arrangements in the Indoor Marquee. (it was to have been 6.00am…. – she needed to collect her wedding dress from their accommodation in Hawkshead at that time – every wedding is different).

Talking of tea, the house guests at Jackie and Phil’s lovely wedding on 29th December thought it necessary to ‘smuggle in’ a kettle, borrowed from a local B&B, so they could make tea for themselves in their rooms. This was a little surprising, as tea will be supplied by Chris or his staff on request at any time of day or night, or guests may always make their own tea/coffee etc in our kitchens whenever they want. Just ask!

We wish all our wedding clients and friends a happy, healthy and successful 2013.

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