Still snowing, but the forecast for the weekend is rather better.

We hosted a small (30 guests, with one nights’ accommodation) corporate event last weekend, and had the following comment:-

“It is a shame that I could not make it on Saturday, as it would seem that the event was a resounding success with everyone speaking very highly of the venue, the service and the food.”

Happy with that! Lovely to have January business.

Skis out this afternoon…………

Belmount Hall Wedding Venue in the snow

3 thoughts on “Still a bit of snow….

  1. Quite beautiful. While its tempting to hope for the same for our wedding in February, we’d quite like our guests from Cumbria, Devon, Scotland and the Midlands to be able to join us! If, however, snow means that it’s just us and our immediate family, I can’t imagine anywhere I’d rather be stuck than Belmount!

  2. Super great photos, Diana. So glad to hear that you’re feienlg better. It doesn’t seem to matter where peeps live, everyone has been getting ill. Wishing you a continued, full recovery. :)PS LOVE the snow angel.

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