Angus McKeever has a bright future. After the coldest March in decades, March being colder than December, January and February, Angus had his parents arrange his Christening on a spectacularly beautiful, warm, sunny, day. In the ‘soft South’ of Cumbria, the daffodils and crocus in the churchyard were absolutely beautiful.

Why am I writing about this? We were able to attend the Christening service, and the refreshments after the ceremony, in the Lowick Village Hall. This was wonderful… .

Then, that evening, Belmount hosted a supper party (Daube of Lamb, salad, new potatoes, plus Gillie’s amazing puddings) for about fifty guests. Gillie and I were amongst the guests, so had a chance, for the first time, to experience being a guest at a Belmount party. An extraordinary experience….. .

What can I say? We learnt lots, as did the staff, who were brilliant.

The wedding this coming weekend, lots of potential fun – Champagne, cocktails in vintage crockery, mini cakes on vintage crockery – jugglers welcome, haha.

Full report will follow.

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