As mentioned in a previous post, Belmount Hall was featured in an article in the Bricks and Mortar section of The Times newspaper last Friday 10th May, 2013:- Say ‘I do’ to being a Wedding Venue’ by Abhijeet Ahluwalia.

After a fifty minute interview, most of which was me talking, I was nervous about how Belmount would be represented. I need not have worried. We were delighted with the end result – most of  the centre spread was devoted to Belmount, with a couple of wedding photos – although you have to look hard to see Jane’s Golden Wellies (see previous post, haha!) in the lower picture.

The article illustrated well the unique wedding facility on offer at Belmount Hall. We have hosted weddings at Belmount Hall for between five guests and one hundred and ninety guests. Each wedding is individual to the couples/families concerned. Belmount offers a totally flexible ‘package’, with each event meticulously planned with the clients, (for most of whom this is the first time they have organised their wedding, of course) who can benefit from our experience of hosting weddings, which goes back to 1991, when we hosted our first wedding for 80 in Jumping Jenny at Brantwood. How did we do that? That story is for another day. 

Read the full The Times article here Belmount Hall Cover Story. Please don’t hesitate to email your requirements, to get details of costings or to arrange a viewing.

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