Whilst the building works are taking place at Belmount, we have been able to have a number of evening parties at Jumping Jenny.

On Saturday evening, once again (their seventh ?? year running) we accommodated the ‘Scottish Dancers’ for an evening meal. The organiser’s comment was as follows:-

Dear Gillie, Chris, Gwyneth and Cathy,
It gets better, according to all the reports I had back after Saturday’s gathering with you.Smile  Thanks again to you and your ‘Team’ and we all look forward to 2014! Dates to be finalised but please pencil in the 8th November 2014 and I’ll confirm once that is fixed. Meantime have a rest!!
Best Wishes
After twenty two years’ running Jumping Jenny, that is very rewarding!
Last evening, we accommodated 21 delegates from one of Brantwood’s courses. One of the delegates commented after the meal:-
“I cannot explain what is so special, but I have never tasted a crumble (apple and rhubarb) which tasted as good as that, thank you”.
Doing three evening parties in five days was hard work, but comments like that make it all worthwhile… . 

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