We are receiving a record number of enquiries, thank you, everybody! However, there seem to be gremlins in the Hotmail system (emails simply not arriving – not even in the Junk folder), and maybe in other systems – I have just had a reply to an enquiry from a googlemail address come back three times – so, if you are making an enquiry, could you please supply a contact phone number. I promise not to use that number for any purpose other than to check that my message has arrived. Generally, if that contact number is a mobile number, I will send a text message.

Sorry to ask for this. It is just infuriating when I spend 15/20 minutes replying to an enquiry, and have no way of knowing whether my message has been received.

While ‘on the line’ as it were, could I also ask that enquiries specify how many guests, (if a wedding enquiry, where the ceremony is to take place – Belmount Hall, or a local church etc.,) and when the event is to take place.

Many thanks,


One thought on “Wedding and other enquiries

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