“Thank you for catering our wedding day celebration! The food was gorgeous and many compliments have been made! People are also excited about the prospect of your new venture. Good luck with this :-)”

Quite a relief to receive such a wonderful thank you for the Summer Buffet served by Jumping Jenny on SY Gondola, on Coniston Water last Saturday evening. Wind and rain meant that all 55 adults, 5 children and 5 staff were crammed into the saloons for most of the two hour cruise. This was as close as Addison would like to get to serving a buffet on a rush hour tube train. But, with really lovely, accommodating, guests, all went extraordinarily well, even achieving a ‘first’ for Gondola. Never before had they had kegs of beer on board. The fact that the kegs had to be set up on deck, so that Addison’s main task was pulling pints in the rain, was incidental.

A really fun party… . Thank you, Jon and Helen, (and Charlotte) for asking us to host it.

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