The Main Hall

Rebeka’s main wish, as stated on arrival at Belmount on Friday afternoon, was that it would not be raining when she and Simon came out of the church. At that time on Friday, it did not look as though her wish could possibly be fulfilled. Heavy rain was forecast for most of the weekend.

Somehow the weather came right at the last minute. The bridesmaids had to run to the car in torrential rain, but fifteen minutes later, when Rebeka was due to leave, the skies had cleared (almost). Then, when they came out of Hawkshead Church, the sun came out!

From Rebeka while waiting at Hong Kong airport for their connection:-

It just leaves us to say that we had the very best day and we wouldn't 
have changed or added a thing, we made the right choice in choosing 
your beautiful home and both of you made us feel so very welcome.
Our families and friends were all blown away with Belmount.

Best wishes

Rebeka and Simon (........ )!

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