We are proud to be customers of Lake District Farmers. This may sound like a ridiculous statement, but LDF are quite particular about the people to whom they supply, and the quality of their product is absolutely amazing.

I found them some years ago when I needed a large quantity of lamb loins for Loin of Lamb en Croute – a popular choice for our wedding clients… . I had asked our usual meat suppliers if they could supply these – it was probably last minute, and I should have known better – and was told that they couldn’t, but they knew somebody who could – LDF.

Each week LDF send a couple of vans or more full of meat to Michelin star restaurants and chefs in London and around the country

Placing an order today for Christmas, I was told the following story by Phil.

At about 8.30pm last evening, LDF received a phone call from one of their London chefs, asking if LDF could supply 120 litres of milk, as their milk supplier had let them down – or words to that effect. Once he had established that the chef was serious and that he knew that he was asking somebody in the Lake District to supply milk to London, Phil went to Barrow and bought the milk, only to discover on the way back that the chef wanted semi-skimmed, not whole milk. So, back to Barrow, to buy the correct milk, and this was duly put on the van, and driven down to London with the meat orders.

Phil asked the chef why he had not bought the milk in London, and was told that the only people that he knew to be reliable was ‘Lake District Farmers’, so gave them a call. I like that!

Happy Christmas, y’all….

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