On 20th June 1965 Ivan and Sylvia were married in Co Durham…

1965 Wedding (8)

and spent their honeymoon at Belmount Hall. In a postcard sent on 20th June 1965 to Sylvia’s parents, they said:- “Hawkshead is a sort of Lake District Polperro. Belmount Hall is National Trust property and is very comfortable and quiet. ……. The weather’s fine but could be warmer. … .” Little has changed in fifty years!

They travelled to Belmount Hall in their Lea Francis… 1965 Lake District (7)

and walked alongside Windermere, near Wray Castle…

1965 Lake District (2)

So, on 19th June 2015, after fifty years, Ivan and Sylvia returned to Belmount Hall with their family, including four grandchildren, and over four days had the most lovely house party. For us, it was a wonderful use of the house and grounds, and great fun to be able to host such a happy family celebration.

A few years ago, a Belmount bride sent us an email saying that having her wedding at Belmount was as if her favourite Uncle Chris had lent her his lovely house for the weekend, so that she could get married there. For Gillie and me, having Ivan and Sylvia to stay was like having a favourite uncle and aunt to stay with their family for the weekend. And this is work?!

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