” It was like a celebrity wedding!” was one lovely comment – I think from Steve’s granny. There was a number of generations at the wedding – from a young baby, plus Steve and Sarah’s son Jake, the always grinning Harry, who became a huge fan of our dog Jeffrey – much to Jeffrey’s delight – through to Jean, the celebrity granny.

Once again, the weather came up ‘trumps’ on Saturday, which was particularly good because, instead of canapes for the Reception, ‘The Alternative Guest’ provided ice creams from a traditional tricycle – great fun. This might well not have worked so well in the rain…. . As the weather was good, the Reception took place largely on the west lawn, with Pimms, champagne, beers etc to drink, which helped guests to enjoy croquet and loads of outdoor games. We always enjoy this – it is the best use of the grounds at Belmount, into which we put a lot of maintenance!

For the evening party, there was great music from the ‘In-Laws’, superb lighting from Typical Type.co.uk, and, as well as the usual ‘late night snack’ baguettes, and the wedding cake, there was Jumping Jenny shortbread, popcorn, loads of sweets, chocolate brownies and so on – probably why there was a small take-up on the baguettes.. .

A lovely wedding with lots of choice…. .

Good music from the

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