From a South African guest, living in Australia, who was remarkably gracious about the All Blacks’ victory in the World Cup:-

“It is difficult to believe that it was only just over 3 weeks ago that we were able to be part of the most amazing wedding. The venue, the atmosphere and the people (most importantly the bride & groom of course!) was just spot on and we feel very lucky to have been part of it all.

Thank you so much for being fantastic hosts to my sister-in-law & her husband on their wedding day. As a South African living in Australia I have now finally experienced what a true English wedding is like in the most perfect of settings, the most gorgeous of traditional English country homes and with the most delicious food we could ever have imagined to taste on the day. Thanks to you my visit to the Lake District and the wedding itself, together with my wife and five and a half week old Baby Girl, will live long in the memory. Thanks and here’s to making many more wonderful memories for all your guests in the months and years to come!”

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