As well as weddings, hosting house parties at Belmount are a firm favourite. In Steven and Kelly’s case this was a fantastic post wedding gathering at the end of July. They had brought the sunshine with them from America and were able to have champagne and nibbles on the front lawn whilst the children played lawn games. Two weeks after the event we received this lovely thank you letter from Steven’s parents.

“Now that we have settled back into some sort of normality, it has given us the opportunity to write and thank you for everything you did for Steven and Kelly to ensure their gathering in the Lakes was such a success. Feedback from everyone has been tremendous: – The house and grounds are beautiful; the food was absolutely delicious; the band and ceilidh excellent; Gillie’s cakes ‘to die for’ and the mini bus driver so nice. We were just thrilled with Steven and Kelly’s choice of venue.

On the Saturday, the weather was kind to us and yourselves and everyone’s help from getting the bar ready; cutting the grass; preparing the food and drinks; help with re-arrangements and allowing us a free hand with decorations and games on the lawn, meant that by the 3.00pm kick off everything was in place and stress free!

We have to say how much we appreciate the attention to detail with the tables, linen and glasses and the food was just amazingly good. The really little ones were delighted with the strawberries and ice cream served in lovely dishes.

The children just loved it. One of the little chaps in the kilt was overheard as saying: – ‘I thought this wedding thing was going to be dead boring, but it’s not… it’s really cool!’

We now have very fond memories of our gathering in the Lakes. Thank you all.

Jean and John”

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