Our wedding season has come to an end for 2016, so we have a chance to reflect on all of the beautiful weddings held here at Belmount over the year. Each one has been different from the last, and the final one, last weekend, was our largest of the year with 140 guests in a marquee on our west lawn.

We received a lovely thank you card in the post from a couple who were married in June. June doesn’t seem like one week ago, let alone 4 months ago! It is hard to believe that we have held 10 weddings since, and there marriage celebrations are clear in our heads.

A snippet from the card reads…

Thank you so much for being the perfect hosts on our wedding day. This is a little note to offer a very warm, heartfelt and enormous thank-you for doing everything you did to make 25th June 2016 a reality – or if you like ‘a dream come true’. It was very special to have had you with us, not just for the day itself, but with us on our journey up to the wedding, and, we hope beyond.

It was very clear that you are all devoted and passionate about making ‘magic’ happen in the beautiful house and grounds of Belmount Hall.

We’re looking forward to our 2017 weddings!


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