£12.00 per person on a selection of four canapes from the list below


Santini Tomato with Brie wrapped in Basil

Parma Ham wrapped around cubes of melon

Cocktail stick of roasted red pepper, brie and green olive

Pepperonis salami, marinated Buffalo Mozzerella and Sun blushed tomatoes on cocktail sticks

Frittata Spanish Omelette with olive on cocktail stick

Devils on horseback prunes wrapped in pancetta and oven roasted, served hot

Mini Sausages glazed with cumberland sauce

Medjool dates stuffed with piquant goat’s cheese or mozzerella

Cubes of Feta watermelon & mint on cocktail sticks

Crostini (bitesized) topped with a choice of the following:

Pesto and oven roasted tomatoes

Smoked Trout and smoked salmon cream, with dill

Stilton mix with celery sticks

Creamed Stilton cheese topped with caramalised red onions reduction and marjoram leaf garnish

Chicken Liver Paté with Aga dried Grape

Black Olive Tapenade sundried tomatoes, black olive, garlic and olive oil pate tapenade with shavings of Goat’s Cheese and oven roasted Tomato

Avocado Cream (lightly spiced) with crispy bacon pieces

Gorgonzola Cream with roasted butternut squash cubes and marjoram

Caramelised Red Onion Marmalade with St Agur cheese

St Agur blue cheese fresh pear slices topped with fresh walnut half


Baby Meringues filled with chocolate ganache