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Belmount Hall, which was once owned by Beatrix Potter, is a few minutes from Hawkshead, and has beautiful views down the valley which feature so often in her wonderful books.

Beatrix Potter was born on 28 July 1866, 150 years ago. To celebrate this anniversary, and Beatrix’ involvement in Belmount Hall and the National Trust, we are planning a number of mid-week events during 2016. Please contact Chris for details.

As for weddings and house parties, we have a number of weekends available in 2016 (see ‘Availability’), and, in addition to our ‘best wedding food ever’, superb service and spectacular location, are offering the following for ‘early-bird’ bookings:-

  1. Thursday night included – so three nights for the price of two;
  2. Full wedding planning service;
  3. Discounts and benefits for weddings ‘out of season’;

Please contact Chris on….

Through Jumping Jenny, which we have been running since 1991, we have developed an excellent reputation for the quality of the food that we serve, and about everything that we offer. We are passionate about food, about the service provided by our staff, about the atmosphere, about the ‘cohesion’ of the party, about making sure that you have the day that you dreamt of.

Belmount Hall works brilliantly for weekend house parties, usually for weddings, but not necessarily so. Whatever your event, you have exclusive use of the guest accommodation for your weekend.

Please arrange a viewing, so that we can discuss your plans.

If you would like a viewing please contact us
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